Top 5 Ways to Advocate for Yourself While Advocating for Others

It isn't unusual for survivors of human trafficking to want to be involved in the anti-trafficking industry. We have seen first hand the cracks in the system that we fall through. We know what we needed, and when we needed it. Our voices, our experiences, and our story of overcoming are important parts of this movement, and many of us feel called to join the fight, whether from the frontlines or behind the scenes.

We, as survivors, have a place in this movement alongside other advocates, organizations, and communities. But to be successful, it's important that we advocate for ourselves in the process.

Here are five tips I wish someone had given me before I stepped into the anti-trafficking work:

1. "Am I Ready?"

Take a minute to truly think about if you are ready to be immersed in the anti-trafficking movement. I t