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Safe House Project has a ready made activity for you to make the most of your quality time with your families and create a Move(ment) for Justice. This is a fun activity for your family that will create meaningful discussions around personal and online safety.



Age appropriate conversations for you and your kids from age 3 to 18.

Hundreds of thousands of people are trafficked in the United States each year, including American children.
1% are rescued.
1,044 beds exist in safe houses across the U.S. for survivors,
and 150 beds are for American children.
Without a safe place,
80% of victims end up back in their trafficker's hands.
Safe House Project serves and empowers survivors of child sex trafficking in America by accelerating safe house development that cultivate restorative healing.

SAFETY is free

Safe House Project is proud to partner with eBodyGuard who is launching the first safety and wellness app with voice activation, GPS location, direct to 911 connection, and evidence collection.


That means that when YOU activate the app via voice command, critical data is captured of the incident that can be used to prosecute criminals who have historically gotten away with abuse. This is the only app on the market that is CJIS compliant. But the best part is that you can receive it free through Safe House Project. Yes, safety is FREE. 


Protect yourself. Protect your kids. Protect your community.


Empowering a survivor's path to freedom.

Need Help Now?
If you are a victim, or know someone who is, please call
1-888-373-7888 or Text "Help" of "Info" to BeFree
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