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"The work of Safe House Project is saving lives and shedding light in the darkest parts of our society. It is imperative that state-wide networks are created."

- Becky Gaskin, The Hagerman Foundation

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Hundreds of thousands of American children are sex trafficked every year. Survivor identification is at 1%.

education is critical. Learn how you can spot, report, & prevent trafficking.

Without a safe place to go when identified, 80% of survivors end up being re-trafficked.
the story cannot end at escape.
give the gift of safe housing & holistic care.

"You all are pinnacles in bringing unity to the industry."

- Britney Higgs, Her Campaign


SHP donors have increased opportunities for survivors in safe houses across the U.S. by 174%.


33K peopled have been trained to spot, report, and prevent trafficking through our educational opportunities.


SHP has provided 165 survivors emergency services, housing placement, or escape opportunities.


Safe House Project works with 82 corporations to effectively identify survivors and invest in their future.


to change

a life.

$1 a day can change a child's life.

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