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Our Mission

Safe House Project’s mission is to increase survivor identification beyond one percent through education, provide emergency services and placement to survivors, and ensure every survivor has access to safe housing and holistic care by accelerating safe house capacity and development across America.

Our Vision

Our vision is to unite communities to end domestic sex trafficking and restore hope, freedom, and a future to every survivor.

Prevention and Identification Training 

  • Virtual Community Training - IAmOnWatch.org

  • Corporate Trainings

  • Healthcare Training - training.safehouseproject.org

  • Law enforcement, first responder, and military in-person training

  • 200,000+ people trained to spot, report, and prevent trafficking

Survivor Empowerment

  • Survivor Extractions & Assistance

  • Emergency Transport and Safe House Placement

  • Employment & Skilling

  • 250+ American Survivors Served through escape operations and emergency services 

  • 3,700+ hours deployed in survivor skilling & mentorship

accelerate safe house development

  • Funding and mentoring the national expansion of safe house capacity

  • Uniting the anti-trafficking industry to drive collaboration and scale

  • Leading the Trafficking Survivor Equity Coalition to educate policymakers and inform legislation

  • Developing statewide coordinated responses to trafficking

  • National standardization of care through Safe House Certification

  • 4,500 hours deployed in mentoring new organizations to launch safe housing programs

  • 272 new beds added to new or expanding safe house programs 

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When Safe House Project began in 2017, here is the problem we were facing:


HHS reported that there were 300K American children sex trafficked annually in the United States.


Victim identification was at 1%, meaning 99% suffer alone.


In 2017, there were 100 beds in safe house programs across the U.S. for approximately 3K children identified that year. As a result, 80% of those identified ended up being re-victimized.

break the silence to end the cycle.