The Always Something Friend

"Sunday, I had a trauma anniversary. A big one. I was terrified that the minute I was alone, all of the horrible things would come flooding back. I just wanted to be surrounded by people who felt safe.

Monday, I had flashbacks all day. It was really hard. I was really scared. I really needed support. I just needed someone to talk me through what was happening in my head. I needed someone to remind me that it wasn’t happening anymore.

Tuesday, I felt unlovable. I really needed someone to remind me that I was lovable, but I was afraid to ask. People tell me all the time that they love me. I felt stupid asking to hear it.

Wednesday, I was having a lot of anxiety. I just needed someone to be patient with me. I needed someone to sit with me and talk to me about nothing so I could distract myself from the thoughts racing through my head.