Kristi Wells - National Director of Safe House Project

Kristi Wells is the CEO and National Director of Safe House Project. Kristi has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Texas Christian University and brings more than 20 years of experience in event management, advertising, sales, digital media, and public relations. Kristi, alongside her husband, Jason,  currently operates an elite nutrition business with AdvoCare, leading a team of hundreds, nationwide.

Her passion for anti-human trafficking began with a life-altering experience more than 18 years ago in Costa Rica, when she witnessed first hand, the horrors of sex slavery  played out on children as young as 6 years old. At that moment, it became evident that there was a desperate need for a Safe House that would both protect and rehabilitate victims. That event ignited and fueled her desire to engage in the fight against this epidemic.

Kristi got involved with Safe House Project when it started as a fundraising album and concert series by Renaissance Movement Music. Although that effort was designed to provide funds for one specific house in South Africa, Kristi and RMM founder, Nigel Anderson, knew that one was not enough. More houses needed to be built. With that realization, Kristi accepted the role as CEO and National Director of Safe House Project™ and facilitated a partnership with Epic Sports Marketing; expanding its vision and resources. This launched Safe House Project™ into its mission to create events and generate funds for Safe Houses worldwide.


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Vicki Tinnel - Assistant National Director of Safe House Project

Vicki Tinnel is the Assistant National Director of Safe House Project. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Social Work from Florida State University, and worked in a child development center in Tallahassee, FL, before moving to Atlanta, GA. There she worked in business management for nearly a decade, during which time she met and married her  husband.

While in a coffee shop in Atlanta, in 2008, Vicki met a police detective coming in after his shift. The officer had  an exhausted, haggard look on his face. After buying him a cup of coffee, she asked if he could talk about what was bothering him. The officer explained the he was tasked with unraveling the sex trafficking organizations operating out of Atlanta-Hartsfield airport, the world’s busiest airport. Having only vaguely heard of the concept at the time, Vicki asked, “Is that a big problem there?”

The detective looked up wearily and said, “It’s so big. It’s so networked and sophisticated. So many people trapped. And every time I think I’ve made headway, it’s like trying to cut the head off of a hydra. Two more grow back.”

From that moment, Vicki knew that was the battle that God wanted fought. Now, it is her deepest, most profound pleasure to integrate everything she has gained through her Social Work education and experience, her management career working with major corporations, and her God-given passion for anti-human trafficking into serving Safe House Project.