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We are all part of the movement, every time we wear our favorite anti-trafficking merch, share info on our social media, tell a new friend about the issue, walk alongside a survivor, volunteer for an organization, or say a silent prayer. We are all one body of people working to ensure this is a FREE NATION, a place where survivors LIVE FREE! 


July 30th is a day we get to show the world the movement we are all so passionate about! It is our chance to invite our friends to gather and raise awareness of trafficking. It is our chance to help people learn the steps they can take to educate themselves on the signs of trafficking! 

Lead Your community

Lead your community on July 30th by stepping up to PLAN, PROMOTE, and EXECUTE events in collaboration with Safe House Project. Your event can be as elaborate or as simple as you like (we all have different styles).  

To get started fill out the form below, and you will be invited to our next kick-off call with our Co-founders! 

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Thank you for leading your community!