We are Safe House Project

Safe House Project is answering the deepest need to effectively serve and empower survivors of sex trafficking in America.

Safe House Project is a national leader empowering survivors of sex trafficking in America by accelerating safe house development and cultivating restorative healing.


Our vision is to see communities across America unite to end domestic sex trafficking and restore hope, freedom, and a future to every survivor.

Why we exist:

  • Hundreds of thousands of Americans will be trafficked this year, including American children (girls and boys).

  • 1% are identified.

  • 1,044 beds exist for survivors across the United States. There are less than 100 beds across the U.S. for child victims of sex trafficking.

  • Due to the lack of safe houses, 80% of survivors end up back in the hands of their traffickers.

Many believe that victims of sex trafficking are limited by race and socioeconomic class, or gender but in reality, this industry knows no bounds. It can happen to any person, male or female of any race, and of any socioeconomic class—traffickers are merely exploiting the vulnerable.  Sadly, 40% of child victims are trafficked by their family.

A survivor's healing journey begins at escape.

Healing is a process, and survivors move through the continuum of care as they work to rebuild their life.

  • ESCAPE. When a victim escapes they require emergent care housing. The purpose of this house is to make victim feel safe and provide a place to sleep and a hot meal.

  • RESTORE. Long-term safe houses are a 9-12 month program, which includes educational development, career development, medical attention, detox and rehab, branding removal, legal counseling, and multiple types of therapy and counseling.

  • EMPOWER. Upon graduating a program, there are various paths forward for a survivor--going home, placement into a trained foster care family, vocational school, college, or transition in place housing. Regardless of their specific path, we aim to create new pathways for educational and economic empowerment for survivors.

Safe House Project Logo

The square symbol is inspired by an icon used during the Underground Railroad, where people united to set the captives free.  It was a symbol of hope indicating that a captive had finally reached a Safe House on their journey to freedom!

Safe House Project Executive Team
Kristi Wells | CEO & President 
Brittany Dunn | Chief Development Officer 
Vicki Tinnel | Chief Operations Officer 
Safe House Project Board of Directors
Kristi Wells | CEO & President 
Nigel Anderson | Founder & Owner of Renaissance Music
Kenneth Walker | Past Chairman & CEO of Driven Brands and Past Chairman of the International Franchise Association
Darin Ely | President of VA Asset Group
Joel English | Vice President of Centura College
Vickie Walker | Angel Investor
Lynda Campbell | Director of Training and Talent Development, Stonebridge Hotels

Our Values
Innovation. Collaboration. Hope. Integrity. Stewardship.

with a dash of crazy.

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