"We need to build a Safe House. We can help make this contribution and help build this place of refuge. There is a direct correlation between this and the safe place Jesus is for His people."

Da' T.R.U.T.H.


Safe House Project Partners


"It's only right as believers to be pouring in to the lives of others. Jesus speaks about it in scripture very clearly. It's the responsibility of the believers and I am blessed to be apart and hope to do more."

— Eshon burgundy

"I think that what my Renaissance Movement brothers are doing with the Safe House Project is absolutely necessary.  It is a part of the job description of followers of Christ. I am just honored and pleasured to be a part of that."

— KJ Scriven

"My experience with RMM and the Safe House Project was second to none. The whole process was the smoothest I've ever experienced in all my years of travel. I relish the opportunity to come back and work with them again."

— kevonstage

"It really wasn't anything for me to think about. Before the end of the 5 minute conversation, I was onboard. I pray this aids them in an actual Safe House.

— jered sanders