Guest Post: Battles Won In The Dark

One of our survivors at the HER Refuge confronted me about our social media pages the other day. “You make this journey seem easy, but you need to share the hard stuff that happens at the HER Refuge too,” she said. I tried to reason with her that in a world full of darkness, we always want to share a message of hope. “You don’t understand what I’m saying. Stop listening with your ears and start listening with your heart.” This girl is a deep well of wisdom. When she calls me out, I know I should listen.. And apparently not only with my ears. “You need to talk about the things no one else sees. Like the time (another survivor) was struggling and A stopped to pray over her before he went outside to play. Or the time you were holding E in your arms while trying to convince me not to run away. Those are the moments that mean something to me. People need to hear the real story of what it’s like to run a safe house as a family.” As a family. It hit my heart. The Light shines brightest in the greatest darkness. When we focus only on the good without acknowledging the battles that have been won in the dark, we are missing the true story of hope and freedom. Those stories are the ones that carry the power to restore lives.