Every $1.5M launches a regional shelter system that creates

pathways for hope and healing for over 100 young lives.

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The Hard Truth


According to the FBI,  300K children are victims of sex trafficking each year in the United States.


Only 1% (approximately 3K) victims are rescued each year.


Without access to a safe house program, 80% end up back in the hands of their trafficker


75% of US states do not have a single safe house program specific to the complex trauma needs of sex trafficked minors... not even one

The Gap  

Once a child escapes, there are approximately 100 safe house beds across America to provide this girl or boy a safe home and a program for restorative healing.  For most child trafficking victims under 18, the only options are juvenile detention, mental institutions, or the foster care system.

The Plan

Trauma-informed survivor care models for minors exist and can be duplicated in many states across the US.  Missing is the funding to train and launch more shelters that can individually serve the deep needs of these kids. Safe House Project, a national leader empowering survivors of sex trafficking in America, accelerates safe house development and understands the urgent need for under-18 program growth and private-sector shelter funding.

Be the first step in restoring a young life whose innocence was stolen.    

Let's break this exploitive cycle together and bring hope to thousands of trafficking victims, coast to coast.  Every $1.5M launches a regional shelter network that provides hope and healing that can change 100 young lives.  Our collective effort can break this tragic cycle of exploitation and provide a second-chance path of restoration and promise to thousands. 

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