Frequently Asked Questions


what made you want to build the safe house?

RMM artist Nigel “Legin” Anderson asked Drs. Marcia Ball and Jennie Cerullo what’s next for them at the Orphan Care Center, and they expressed a desire to build a Safe House that their youth can flee to if they find themselves in a dangerous situation.  They believed it to be a dream, and three to five years away at the earliest.  When Legin and Sinai returned home from South Africa, the thought of the Safe House wouldn’t leave their minds.

when will the safe house be built in south africa?

Our goal is break ground in 2018 as soon as the all of the funds have been raised.

how much will this project cost?

"The cost to build the safe house is estimated at around $225,000 (USD), which is equivalent to 2.8 Million Rand (South African currency).  Our goal is that through a combination of “Safe House” album sales and donations from individuals, churches, and businesses we can raise this amount.

have you secured the land yet?

The land is currently in the process of negotiation and purchase.


is this a 501(c)3 organization?

The Safe House Project is an effort of Expect Renaissance, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization birthed from the vision of record label Renaissance Movement Music.  RMM produces and promotes hip hop artists (currently Legin, Sinai and Focus) who make music for gospel change, and Expect Renaissance houses their ministry efforts such as developing other artists, producing events and mission efforts such as the Safe House Project.

what is our plan?

We hope to sell the necessary copies of the Safe House album and raise the necessary donations from individuals, churches and businesses to raise the $100,000 (1.4 million rand) to complete the construction of the Safe House.  The album, "Safe House by RMM," features RMM artists Legin, Sinai and Focus as well as grammy winner KJ Scriven, grammy nominated Da' T.R.U.T.H. and more artists dedicated to the Safe House Project.  

You can purchase the album here on iTunes, Google Play (links) or anywhere music is sold.  Please purchase and then stream on Apple Music and/or Spotify (links) as a purchase helps upfront funds and streaming helps exposure.

You can book the Safe House Tour at

more questions?

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