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The Safe House Project is a gospel based hip hop/music project that will use 100% of its proceeds to fund the building of a Home in Pretoria, South Africa to protect youth from the daily threat of sex trafficking.

The goal is to raise funds and awareness using the universal art of hip hop to build a Safe House for the orphaned children in the Soshanguve township, combat the very real dangers of sex trafficking among the voiceless, and share the tangible hope that the gospel of Jesus Christ brings to a hurting world.

"Beyond Borders South africa documentary"

Watch the experience that turned into The Safe House Project.  "Beyond Borders" shows RMM rap artists Legin, Sinai and manager JB Harrison trip to Pretoria and Cape Town, South Africa in 2016 where they met many of the youth they now wish to help protect.

"The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe". (Proverbs 18:10, NIV)

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How much?

The cost of to build the actual Safe House is $100,000 (USD), which is equivalent to 1.4 Million Rand (South African currency).  Our goal is that through a combination of “Safe House” album sales and donations from individuals, churches, and businesses we can raise this amount.

The Safe House album is scheduled to launch by the end of the 1st quarter 2017 and we will begin a 60 day push to raise the funds by the end of May 2017.  We will return to South Africa the top of July 2017 and want Kerus Global, our partners, to have the funds in hand by then.


To make a donation, please click below and select “Safe House” or email help@safehouseproject.org to reach us and partner.






What's happening now?





The kickstarter to fund the album, "safe house" was completely funded on december 16, 2016. we raised over $6,500 because of you!

thank you so much to all that gave, shared the posts, spread the word and prayed.

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the safe house project  

(100% of sales will be used to build the safe house)

release date - 6/9/17

the safe house album is available on all media outlets.

the second music video will be released soon.


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The Safe House Project is a collaborative project between Kerus Global Education, gospel based hip hop label Renaissance Movement Music (RMM), and it’s RMM’s 501(c)3 Expect Renaissance.  RMM and Kerus Global we’re connected through a joint mission trip with CrossRoads Church that took place April 2016, and their partnership has been growing ever since.

Visual details about the life changing visit to South Africa was captured in a documentary entitled “Beyond Borders,” which is available on RMM’s website.  View the two minute Beyond Borders Trailer here.

fundraising events


safe house release concert

Photography by annette holloway

First safe house event featuring kevonstage

photography by annette holloway


Frequently Asked Questions

What made you want to build a Safe House?

RMM artist Nigel “Legin” Anderson asked Drs. Marcia Ball and Jennie Cerullo what’s next for them at the Orphan Care Center, and they expressed a desire to build a Safe House that their youth can flee to if they find themselves in a dangerous situation.  They believed it to be a dream, and three to five years away at the earliest.  When Legin and Sinai returned home from South Africa, the thought of the Safe House wouldn’t leave their minds.

Is this a 501(c)3 organization?

The Safe House Project is an effort of Expect Renaissance, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization birthed from the vision of record label Renaissance Movement Music.  RMM produces and promotes hip hop artists (currently Legin, Sinai and Focus) who make music for gospel change, and Expect Renaissance houses their ministry efforts such as developing other artists, producing events and mission efforts such as the Safe House Project.

For more information or to partner for cultural impact visit www.expectrenaissance.org.

When do you expect to finish and release the Safe House album?

the first quarter of 2017.

When will the Safe House be built in South Africa?

With all of your help, it is possible to be built by the end of 2017.

What is our plan?

We hope to sell the necessary copies of the Safe House album and raise the necessary donations from individuals, churches and businesses to raise the $100,000 (1.4 million rand) to complete the construction of the Safe House.  The Safe House album will feature RMM artists Legin, Sinai and Focus as well as other artists dedicated to building the Safe House. (You can book the Safe House Tour at rmmusic.tv/booking)

More questions?  Contact us at help@safehouseproject.org