Sex trafficking is the commercial sexual exploitation of an individual through force, fraud, or coercion.


Any time a child is used for commercial sex, including prostitution or pornography, it is considered sex trafficking, regardless of whether there is evidence of force, fraud, or coercion. 


when we began

When Safe House Project launched the beginning of 2018, the FBI and ILO reported that 300K American children are trafficked every year in the United States, and victim identification was at 1%.

But even when approximately 3,000 children were being identified annually, 80% were ending up back in traffickers hands because there were not enough safe houses to place these kids.

By becoming students of the domestic landscape, we realized that at that time there were less than 100 beds in safe houses exclusive to child sex trafficking survivors. That meant that 2,900 kids were never receiving the services they so desperately need to start on the road to recovery.


In 2018 the FBI estimated 300K American children were victims of sex trafficking every year in the United States.


Only 1% (approximately 3K) victims are rescued each year.


Without access to a safe house program, 80% end up back in the hands of their trafficker


75% of US states do not have a safe house program to address the complex trauma needs of a child sex trafficking survivor.



Today, there are approximately 150 beds in safe house programs across America for kids, for the approximately 3K that are identified annually. 40% of the children we serve annually are trafficked by a family member.  In leu of a safe house program, states rely on juvenile detention, mental institutions, or the foster care system to care for these kids.


The map to the left shows a 2019 snapshot of the safe house landscape for both adults and minors. This represents approximately 1,044 beds for adults and just over a 100 beds for minors.

take the first step to help a child, whose innocence was stolen.    

Let's break this exploitive cycle together and bring hope to thousands of children. 

$40 provides a child with their first safe night after identification.

Signs of Trafficking
  • They can be coerced into drug use by his or her traffickers, or turns to substance abuse to help cope with his or her enslavement.

  • They may be distrustful and suspicious. A victim of human trafficking may act as if they distrust any person who offers them assistance or attempts to converse with them.

  • They may demonstrate affection towards abuser. It is possible they have developed Stockholm Syndrome, where kidnapped victims, over time, become sympathetic to their captors.

  • They feel that they are unable to leave their current situation.

  • Has a trafficker who may act as a translator or insist on being present and/or translating; may be unable to speak for oneself or share one’s own information; information is provided by someone accompanying the individual; or may seem to adhere to scripted or rehearsed responses in social interaction.

  • They are accompanied by a controlling person, and does not speak on his or her own behalf, but instead defers to another person.

  • They are transported to or from work, or lives and works at the same place.

  • They are unable to keep his or her earnings: it is “withheld for safe-keeping.” In many cases, the person owes a debt they are working to pay off.

  • They are frightened to talk to outsiders and authorities, since they are closely monitored and controlled by their trafficker(s). They may be fearful, depressed, and overly submissive.

  • They may have signs of abuse, and a person may show signs of being denied food, water, sleep, and/or medical care.

  • Lives with multiple people in cramped space.

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