Emoji. Acronyms. Code. What are your kids really saying online?

Do you ever look at your child's phone and wonder what the heck they are saying?

Well, we are here to help you understand some of the more common phrases, emojis, and acronyms being used by kids to communicate in code.

  • NSFW - not safe for work

  • 🍋 - stands for sex

  • Lime - it is basically everything leading up to sex but can include any form of non-penetration sex.

  • M/F - male or female?

  • S? - sexual orientation

  • 🍆 - stands for penis

  • Red face with tongue out emoji - most often stands for spicy/sexy

  • 🤤 - sexual intent

  • 🍑 - butt

  • 🐱 emoji of any kind - female privates

  • 👅 - oral sex

  • ✌️- Pimp Control

  • 16 - Pimp

  • 304 - Hoe

  • HGO - Hoein' Goin' On

  • PGO - Pimpin' Goin' On

  • 🐇 - White girl in control of a non-white pimp

  • Dog filter on Snapchat - Someone's b****

  • 💰 - Sugar Daddy

  • IRL - in real life, lets meet up in real life

  • KMS - kill myself

  • KYS - kill yourself

  • XX - kisses 

  • FB - f*** buddy

  • ILY/ILU - variations of i love you

  • 18+? - asking if the person they're talking to is 18+ (at an age where they can consent)

  • FWB - f*** with buddy or friend with benefits (Sexual relationship with little or no romantic ties)

  • Addy - stands for address as in asking what someone's address is (ex. whats the addy?)

  • Alpha - sexually dominant 

  • Omega - sexually submissive (ex. are you an alpha or omega) (Variations include: dom/sub, top/bottom)

  • Pics? - if used in a sexual conversation stands for nudes (partial pics stands for partial nudes typically meaning pictures in a bra/underwear)

  • Black Screen - typically sent to whoever is less dominant in the relationship and basically means i'm horny

  • Snap? or Insta? - is asking for that person's snapchat or Instagram username

  • Simp - people who are only nice for sex but also can be people who enjoy being degraded for sexual release. Most common is the first but if the conversation is sexual it often means the latter. (referencing the popular song Simp Detector "if you're only being nice cause you wanna lay the pipe, you're a simp")

  • Throw it back - typically a video of a girl throwing her butt back aggressively (twerking but with your whole body) and it is common for guys to ask if a girl can "throw it back for them" often for sexual release.

  • Nasty or freaky - typically means sexually adventurous 

  • alc -  alcohol 

  • alchie - alcoholic 

  • bj - blowjob (similar to how hj stands for hand job)

  • Premiumsnap or Premsnap - where girls sell their nudes for money (ex. want to be on my premsnap? you gotta pay though)

  • RMF - ride my face

  • MAP - minor-attracted person, these people do/are willing to perform sexual acts with minors (MAPs typically range from 18-60 years old)

  • NOMAPS - non-offending minor attracted persons (these are people who don't touch children but are attracted to them)

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