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carla stephens

Entrepreneur & BravoTV 

A strong message to all the teen girl's out there that are being groomed by culture into a life of exploitation. Listen here.


Nigel anderson


A chat with Christian Hip Hop Artist and co-founder of Safe House Project, "Legin" about the impact of music on culture. Listen here.


Ria Story

Survivor Leader

Survivor leader, Author, and Leadership Trainer, Ria is a voice of truth and encouragement to survivors. Listen here.


david zach

Remedy Drive

Let's talk covert operations, rescue missions, and more with lead singer of Remedy Drive, David Zach. Listen here.


brett johnson

Security Expert

A 2-Part Interview with "The Godfather of the Internet", Brett Johnson, on his Anglerphish Podcast. Listen here.


Armand k

Author & Advocate

Author of "Raised in Pimp City" and former pimp, Armand King, talks about grooming. Watch Now.


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January 2021

Paparazzi Accessories Joins ..the OnWatch Platform in Preventing Human Trafficking

During their “Paparazzi Possible” campaign, Founder Misty Kirby reached out to thousands of consultants and asked them to take the OnWatch training to recognize the signs of trafficking. "...The thought that the child next door could be trafficked called our company to action."Read More

ABC4 - Utah

Safe House Project

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January 2021

Preventing Human Trafficking Through Education with Brittany Dunn, Safe House Project

The United States holds a dubious distinction as one of the top three worst countries in the world with regards to human trafficking. In support of January’s designation as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, Erica and India are joined by Brittany Dunn...Read More

Pause on the Play Podcast

Safe House Project

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January 2021

FORSHAW Inc partners with Safe House Project to Train the Pest Management Industry on Trafficking

FORSHAW has partnered with Safe House Project, a national leader in the fight against Sex Trafficking in America to provide training to all Pest Management Professionals, on how to Spot, Report,  and Prevent Trafficking. “Every day, Pest Management Professionals service millions of homes..."  Read More


Safe House Project

January 2021

ISM Joins the Fight Against Human Trafficking - Partners with OnWatch to spread the message

Recently, we announced a partnership with LexisNexis Risk Solutions, the Malouf Foundation and the Safe House Project in support of their OnWatch™ education platform, which trains individuals on how to spot, report and prevent trafficking in their communities...  Read More


Safe House Project

September 18, 2020

Yesterday, Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes joined the Malouf Foundation and the Safe House Project for the relaunch of OnWatch, an anti-trafficking program that will train people on how to recognize, report and prevent human trafficking in our communities... Read More

Utah Attorney General

Safe House Project


August 17, 2020

Military Families Magazine - Spouses create safe haven for survivors of sex trafficking

Founded and led by military families, The Safe House Project (SHP) is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering victims of human trafficking by providing them a place to call home.

The group is focused on the development of safe houses for survivors of sex trafficking. Read More

Military Families Magazine

Safe House Project


April 2, 2020

Building Trust in Communications: In Conversation with Safe House Project

Earlier this week, Vaporstream CEO Galina Datskovsky and Safe House Project co-founder Brittany Dunn connected to talk about trust in communications, and the role technology plays in building that trust. The two organizations partner to serve and empower survivors... Read More

Security Boulevard

Safe House Project

January 25, 2020

Win This Fight - Rescued Children Aren’t Rescued, When There’s “No Room at the Inn”

In 2017, Wells learned these statistics and was horrified. She also learned a major reason so many children end up being re-trafficked. Relative to the need, provision for rehabilitating children is almost non-existent.

As she researched the facilities that were available for helping... Read More

WinThisFight with Mitzi Perdue

Safe House Project

November 11, 2019

Good Eye Podcast – Ep.19 Legin –

Music, Message, Safe House Project

Christian Hip-Hop artist Legin is in-studio for a conversation about his music, his message and the Safe House Project. Safe House Project is a national non-profit that “exists to raise awareness of Sex Trafficking and raise funds to build Safe Houses for those running from sex trafficking”. Read More

Good Eye Podcast

Safe House Project


July 20, 2019

Safe House Project Partners with Hotel Industry on New Campaign to Fight Human Trafficking

Washington, DC, July 02, 2019 --( Safe House Project is proud to partner with The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) in support of their newly launched national campaign to unite the industry around a single, comprehensive approach to fight human trafficking. Read More


Safe House Project


January 2021

The Hill:

Returning to a bipartisan approach to end human trafficking

We must reforge a bipartisan front, alongside non-public advocates in the human trafficking fight like the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, Safe House Project...Every step forward, every survivor we listen to and every person we inform gets us closer to breaking the cycle...Read More

The Hill

Safe House Project

January 14, 2021

Why Should I Care? Kristi Wells joins Melissa Neader on her radio show to talk about trafficking.

Community friend and supporter Melissa Neader answers those questions each week on Why Should I Care?

Inspiring, funny, kind, and a little sassy, Melissa challenges her listeners to get involved and this week is joined by Safe House Project CEO, Kristi Wells..Read More

Why Should I Care?

Safe House Project


January 2021

Family of Community Career Schools Launches OnWatch Training to Help Recognize & Prevent Trafficking

Aviation Institute of Maintenance, Centura College, and Tidewater Tech, a group of 19 schools headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA have officially launched their partnership with OnWatch™. In honor of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, the organization is rolling out Read More

Centura College, AIM, & TT

Safe House Project


October 8, 2020

The Fit in Faith Podcast with Tamra Andress - A Call To Be OnWatch with Brittany Dunn, COO of SHP

"When I first received education around today’s topic I was dumb-founded.

I felt betrayed even. And then I felt guilty. The emotions entangled in the moment couldn’t possibly lend themselves to the entangled experiences of the actual victims.  And it was in that moment, that I knew I was forever moved..." Read More

The Fit in Faith Podcast

Safe House Project

September 17, 2020

Malouf Foundation™ and Safe House Project Partner to Launch OnWatch™ Education Platform

In collaboration with trafficking survivors, the Malouf Foundation and Safe House Project have produced a new OnWatch™ education platform to elevate people's understanding of trafficking in America. The free digital training will be available Thursday, Sept. 17 to all users at Read More


Safe House Project


July 28, 2020

Co-Founder, Legin delivers passionate call for unity & justice with

'In This Moment'

Church leader, speaker, community advocate, and acclaimed hip-hop artist Legin returns with “In This Moment,” a personal and passionate musical response to racial injustice, political divisiveness, and disunity in the country. In 2017, Legin helped to create the Safe House Project...Read More

Niagara Frontier Publications

Safe House Project


February 19, 2020

$25k given to help Hampton Roads sex trafficking survivors during COVID-19 - Safe House Project

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Survivor Ventures will receive a $25,000 grant to help sex trafficking survivors in Hampton Roads overcome economic challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The money was granted by Safe House Project, a national nonprofit organization that helps survivors... Read More

WAVY - Norfolk, VA

Safe House Project

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January 2020

South Charlotte - Safe House Project Raises Over $190K to Provide Safe Housing & Care for Children

This fall, Safe House Project, a national anti-trafficking organization, hosted some of Charlotte's finest at the Quail Hollow Club for their inaugural Black & White Gala. The gala raised more than $190K to serve victims of child sex trafficking. Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest received the Action Award... Read More

South Charlotte Magazine

Safe House Project

November 5, 2019

Safe House Project - National nonprofit working to open NC safe house for child sex trafficking survivors

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Kristi Wells is in year two of helping children out of unimaginable situations.

“We fund new or expanding safe houses across America,” she says.

For her group, “Safe House Project,” that includes Charlotte and North Carolina as a whole... Read More

WBTV - Charlotte, NC

Safe House Project


January 2021

Flaunt Your Fire: Using Your Voice Can Save Someone’s Life with Brittany Dunn, Safe House Project

Flaunt Your Fire brand values are front and center as India and Erica welcome Brittany Dunn, chief operating officer of Safe House Project. The organization’s mission to support survivors of human trafficking is especially meaningful to India. As a sexual assault survivor herself, she takes...Read More

Flaunt Your Fire

Safe House Project

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January 2021

National Human Trafficking Awareness Month - Join our KeHE Cares® Partners in the Fight Against Trafficking

January is #HumanTraffickingAwarenessMonth, 31 days dedicated to shining a light on a horrific industry that affects the lives of millions of people worldwide. Did you know that currently more than 40 million women and children are enslaved as sex workers... Read More

KeHE Cares

Safe House Project

January 2021

Rapzilla -

OnWatch Aims To Lower 40% Rise In Sex Trafficking During COVID-19

Imagine a six-year-old girl, whose father is a firefighter and mother stays at home. She has trouble paying attention in school, but nothing more than what teachers expect out of a six-year-old. She likes to spend her time outside. There is a park across the street from her house where...  Read More


Safe House Project

September 30, 2020

A Conversation with Survivor Leader, Julie Whitehead: What are the key indicators of sex trafficking?

OnWatch is the only anti-trafficking training written by survivors. Julie Whitehead, Utah Trafficking Survivor, and OnWatch™ Advocate. Julie strongly believes that one of the main reasons she survived was to bring other victims out of the shadows—to give them a voice and remind them... Read More

ABC4 - Salt Lake City, UT

Safe House Project


August 19, 2020

STOLEN Episode 7:

The Solutions Featuring Kristi Wells, CEO of Safe House Project

“STOLEN” is a year-long NBC 7 investigation into the sex trafficking and exploitation of children in San Diego County. The seven-episode documentary series is told from the perspective of survivors, advocates -- even traffickers, and sex buyers, explaining the depth and scope of this problem... Read More

ABC 7 - San Diego, CA

Safe House Project


July 28, 2020

Did you know that in disasters and pandemics sex trafficking increases due to children's and adults' vulnerability during the crisis? Did you know that more people in the US voted last year on their favorite porn film than voted in the last election? Brittany Dunn gives shocking...Read More

Podcast with Jared Laskey

Safe House Project

February 19, 2020

Remedy Drive's David Zach joins Safe House Project for anti-trafficking event at US Capitol

David Zach, singer/songwriter, speaker and founding member of acclaimed Christian rock band Remedy Drive, was featured at “Freedom Requires Action: Culture, Corporations, and Communities Uniting To End Child Sex Trafficking in America,” held recently at the U.S. Capitol... Read More

Turning Point

Safe House Project

November 2019

Safe House Project - National nonprofit working to open NC safe house for child sex trafficking survivors

An interview with CBS News Radio Host- Security Matters, Paul Viollis. With over 300,000 children being trafficked each year and Americans being the #1 consumer of sex trafficking generates approximately $100B/year, the need for the work of The Safe House Project is greater than ever.  Read More

CBS - Security Matters

Safe House Project


July 20, 2019

Your View: We must make abolishing sex slavery a priority by Brittany Dunn, COO of Safe House Project

Gender equality in the United States is not achievable without addressing the fact that women and children are sold every day in America as a commodity. The United States was just named the No. 1 consumer of sex in the world in the Department of State’s Trafficking in Persons Report. Read More

The Morning Call

Safe House Project

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