Freedom Requires Action

Join us for Human Trafficking Awareness month for our “Freedom Requires Action” symposium on Tuesday, January 28th at the United States Capitol.

This event will highlight ways that culture, corporations and communities can unite to end child sex trafficking in America. Attendees will walk away with a deeper understanding of the issue, the national landscape and action steps they can take within their homes, hometowns to stop it, spot it and serve survivors. Corporations will walk away with a deeper knowledge of the intersectionality of trafficking with their industry and way to actively mitigate risk. We are in a new decade and we have an opportunity to turn the tides of trafficking in our nation and see hope and freedom brought to every one of the 300,000 American children being sold today.

We are raising awareness around the national need to increase safe housing and services available to survivors and providing funds that accelerate the launch of safe houses in communities across America. By uniting resources throughout the United States, our vision is to establish a safe house network in all 50 states by 2030 to serve and empower survivors of child sex trafficking. When Safe House Project started in 2018, there were approximately 100 beds in the US for child sex trafficking survivors. As Kristi Wells, CEO of Safe House Project says, “the child sex trafficking story in America cannot end at rescue.”